Why You Should Hire a Professional Editor or Writer

Whether you’re a corporation large or small, a government or non-profit entity, a school or a marketing agency, or even an aspiring writer, a professional editor or writer can help you to:

  • ensure your message is clear and effective by helping you to choose words that convey the exact meaning and tone you intend;
  • save you both time and money by getting your message right the first time, with no expensive revisions;
  • ensure you and your company look good by avoiding textual gaffes, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, malapropisms and other embarrassing mistakes;
  • manage your project, from start to finish.

As celebrated writer John McFee wrote in the April 29, 2013, issue of The New Yorker: “…editors attend the flow of the prose and watch for leaks.”

Peterborough Editors specialize in a wide variety of areas. All are highly professional and love what they do.